The Hottest Vape Starter Kits in Brampton

Hottest Vape Starter Kits in Brampton

Selecting the right vape starter kit in 2021 is not as easy as it was five years ago. There are so many options now that one can get quite confused. Many different categories cater to all the different and distinct vaping needs have made this choice difficult, especially for those who have never been into vaping. Even if you had some experience with a vape starter kit last year, it would not be the same now. Vape companies have been really busy lately because of the rapidly increasing demand.

Majestic vape brings you some of the hottest vape starter kits in Brampton to help you make the right choice. These vape starter kits differ in their sizes, appearance, functionality, and, most notably, application.

To make this choice easier for our new vapers, we have listed down some closed pod systems. A closed pod system is very easy to use, and there is no need to hunt for the refill. It comes with a disposable vape juice, and once it is finished, you can simply get a new one. These systems are cheap, have fewer parts, and are much cheaper than other box mods or expert vape kits.

STLTH Starter Kits

The most frequently used brand by many vapers in Brampton is STLTH. They have made a good reputation among their competitors. The reason is their super slim, easy-to-use devices that provide a complete vaping experience. You can enjoy plenty of flavours with these compact devices without worrying about all the mess. These STLTH starter kits are currently offered in four attractive colours – black, navy blue, grey, and rose gold. The factory default flavour for these kits is berry blast, but there are always choices in that. The concentration that you get in this starter kit is 35 mg/ml of nicotine. The pre-filled pod comes with 2 ml vape juice. When you unbox this vape starter kit, you get a device, a charging cable, a 2 ml pod, and an instruction manual.

JUUL Vape Starter Kits in Brampton

Here is another very close competitor of the STLTH vape starter kit – the JUUL. There are many similarities between the two starter kits, including their appearance, size, usability, and prices. Some of the differences are their nicotine strengths and battery timing. But you don’t have to think about refilling a JUUL device either. These starter kits ensure a very comfortable vaping experience, especially for those new vapers. People who want to switch from smoking can easily get one of these here in Canada and make their switch. Unboxing this starter kit, you get a rechargeable JUUL device, USB charging dock, Four JUUL pods with exciting flavours (Mango nectar, golden tobacco, glacier mint, and menthol).

SMOK Novo X Vape Starter Kit

The only variety that the JUUL and the STLTH starter kits lack can be availed in the SMOK vape kits. With these starter kits, you get a wide variety of colours and beautiful designs. Also, these devices have wattage settings that can be a good option for some advanced vapers. This is not a basic version of a vaping kit and therefore comes with such advanced options. But still a good choice for those who want to make their switch, along with some extra options. There are a total of 38 colours available in this vape kit. It has the same 2 ml pre-filled pod that comes with many flavour choices.

The Verdict

When it comes to deciding which one is the best vape starter kit for beginners, Majestic vapes believe in simplicity and ease of use. Therefore, we have listed down the three most popular starter kits. For further information on these kits, you are welcome to browse through different sections of our website, find out what suits you the best, or just contact us and ask us what you want.