The Future of Freebase Vape Juice in Brampton

Future of Freebase Vape Juice in Brampton

The old-school nicotine vaping method where regular nicotine (the freebase nicotine) is used has quite a role in the vaping market. It was 1960 when freebase nicotine was seen for the first time. Since the 60s, freebase nicotine has been used as an alternative to regular cigarettes until there came a much better and advanced alternative – the salt nics.

Here, we will be more focused on the future of these freebase vape juices, specifically in the region of Brampton. Canada has always been a hub for experimental medicinal drugs and vape technologies. The variety of CBD products and vaping products that one can find in Brampton especially is nowhere else to be found. How will it be for the freebase vape juices in the future when we already have the best alternative already available. Yes, again referring to the nic salts as they have revolutionized the entire vaping culture. The only problem with freebase nicotine was the harsh hit on the throat and lack of buzz that we usually get from a cigarette. This problem has been resolved by continuous improvement in the chemistry and composition of nicotine salts.

It’s Not Over Yet…

No doubt the nicotine salts will dominate vaping culture for at least a decade or so until something new comes in. There is also a possibility that someone who loves freebase vaping comes up with a whole new concept where you can still enjoy your super-charged clouds without making it harsh on the throat. Chemistry has been doing wonders for smokers and vapers for a long time, and there is no limitation to creativity and innovation. And therefore, we can expect this whole new change someday when you will get a full nicotine buzz using your favorite freebase e-liquid or vape juice.

Freebase Nicotine’s Current Value

So far, smokers have been quickly switching to salt nicotine juices, whether they are starters or experts. Obvious reasons for this choice are low prices for long-term usage, smoother hits, and of course, that same old buzz that comes from a traditional cigarette. But vaping is not all about providing cigarette alternatives. A lot of Canadians start vaping just for fun. Most people want their vape kit to make some thick and large clouds. That is what you get in freebase vape juice. Considering this choice, it is safe to say that freebase vape juices will become limited, but there is no chance that they go completely out of the market.

Bottom Line

Whether it is freebase nicotine or salt nicotine, one thing is sure. And that is the continuous improvement in vaping devices and their parts. If you live in Canada, the most common vaping devices that you can get for beginners are JUUL, STLTH, and Smok. But it doesn’t mean that these are the only options. There are many varieties available now in the vape market. Freebase vape juice lovers can rest assured that they still have a long way to go before these devices go out of fashion. The important deciding factor is the demand, and we all know that these freebase vape juices are never out of demand.