The Best Vape Shops in Brampton

Best Vape Shops in Brampton

If you love to vape and looking for the best vape shops in Brampton, you are in the right place. Majestic Vapes is where you find all the relevant information regarding vapes, their latest trends, and what shops are the best for your vape supplies. Ever since the vapes have entered the market, we have seen a quick rise in their demand. That is because many smokers who already wanted to quit got a fun alternative. Different vape companies have been working their way up in this particular niche, and some of them have made all the way up to this list of best vape shops in Brampton.

Majestic Vapes

It is not easy being on top of the list. Majestic Vapes ranks at this position because of all the varieties they have. They claim to have everything related to vaping, even the pickiest vapors will find their favorite stuff here. You will find a wide variety of e-juices, pods, vaping devices, different hardware that you might need in your vaping journey. They have an excellent delivery system as well as a curbside pickup option. The best part about this vape shop is that they even have a variety for those who like it healthy and herbal. Yes, they have a full collection of herbal vapes, accessories, and storage options. They are super helpful and friendly, so feel free to contact them with any questions.


As the name already suggests, they are talking about Canadians vaping—one of the greatest vape shops you can find in Canada. We would keep this vape shop a specific choice for those who know a thing or two about vaping. Because not only that, you will find all the variety of vaping accessories here but also you get to explore some DIY material here as well. Those who have got some spare time on their hands and want to experiment with their vaping kits, it is a good place for them to hit. You will find old school vapes here at reasonable prices.


This shop never fails to satisfy the needs of a vaper. Once you get in there, you won’t come out empty-handed. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can suggest you some expert tips to assist your vaping needs. You will find all sorts of vaping devices, juices, tanks, and other vape supplies here. Also, they can mix some juices and form a new one for you if you want something really unique.

180 Smoke Shop

Though they don’t have the best website or an online shopping experience, you will still find almost everything related to vaping here. One specialty of this store is a good collection of vape starter kits. If you are a beginner in vaping, you may find some interesting and easy to use vape kits without much hassle. You can order your favorite vapes from them online and then pick up your order from the curbside to save your time.

Roxy Vape

if you are a vaper and into aesthetics, this vape shop is just the right spot for you. Like other vape stores, you will find most of the vape accessories and supplies here. But what makes this store worthy of keeping on the list is their aesthetic and futuristic display of the stuff. You will not get bored when you are looking for your favorite vape kits in this shop.

Bottom Line

There are many vape stores and online vape shops in Brampton, but we guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you pick one of the above. These shops are not only customers’ favorites, but also, they have a good experience in this line.