The Best Gold Seal Vape Juice in Brampton

Best Gold Seal Vape Juice in Brampton

It all started in Canada with one brand. That brand is called the Gold Seal E-liquid. They introduced vape juices in Canada for the first time in 2013. As soon as their first product was launched, no smoker could resist their urge to give it a try. Soon, there was no discrimination between smokers and non-smokers. Everyone wanted to vape with some of those cool e-liquids.

One reason for such an overwhelming response was the flavors Gold seal introduced. They are still considered as the number one vape juice brand in entire Canada. And here are some of those exciting flavours that made this brand famous in no time.

They have done a good job promoting vape culture as a replacement for smoking. A lot of smokers have already made “the switch” while others are also taking an interest. When you go to Gold Seal’s official website, you will even see a promotion deal for the “Make the switch” Starter kit. Not just Gold Seal, every top vaping company in Canada is now offering these flavours and more to smokers and non-smokers alike all over Canada.

Another Blue Razz

We all know how every e-liquid brand has blue raspberry flavour on their stock. This is what Gold Seal did by introducing their original and classic blue raspberry flavour with a hint of sarcasm.  They say every brand has them, so here is another Blue Razz, while knowing well that other brands have no competition here.

Cali Breezer

If you are ready for something tropical and fun, this flavour is here to be your vaping buddy for a long time. Cali Breezer is a 50VG/50PG blend and comes in their standard 30 ml bottle. When you pour this vape juice into your pod, you will taste a fantastic blend of papaya, cantaloupe, and strawberries.

Grape Rush

One of the interesting things about Gold seal’s e-liquids is their variety. This is another fruity flavour that will remind you of the good old grape soda. Who doesn’t like the fizzy grape soda after a festive meal? And when there is no fizz but all flavour, and you can vape it, it is more like a fantasy for any vape lover.

Green Beast

If you are looking for something intense, as intense as a monstrous vape, the Green beast is the one flavour for you. Your vaping experience will never be the same again once you have tried this strong beasty flavour. You will get to taste sweet, sour, and citrus flavours in this one. It also comes as a 50VG/50PG blend. You will definitely want to try cloud chasing with this one.

Blood Orange Pineapple

This is a high-drip e-liquid that mixes the sensationally sweet candy chew flavours. You will be tasting the delicious and intense blood orange combined with the juicy pineapple in this flavour. It comes in a 60 ml bottle and is nicotine free. With this e-juice, you also enjoy the maximum VG that is 70VG+.


Whatever the flavour or type of e-juice you pick from Gold Seal, it is bound to give you a satisfaction of a classic and original taste. Gold Seal has made its name in the market since the vaping culture entered Canada. That is one of the biggest reasons why it is deemed the highest standard choice among vapers. Want to know more about them, or find out what other flavours you can tease your taste buds with? We are just a message away.