Top 5 Tanks available in Brampton


Collecting vaping hardware has become a hobby for many vapers today. With so many vaping techniques around, everyone has a unique taste. Therefore, vaping companies have already flooded the market with tons of choices for this hardware. Right now, we are talking about the hardware that is the most integral part of your mod. Yes, it is the tank. Vaping tanks serve the purpose of holding the e-liquid or the vape juice. But we have come a long way from there. The tanks that are available in the market today have much more to offer than just to contain your vape juice.

Whether you are an experienced vapor or a newbie, the variety of these tanks will never fail to impress you. In the last few months, we have seen a considerable rise in the demand for custom vaping hardware. And as we said earlier, many people are busy building their own collection of hardware. If we talk about the top 5 tanks available in Brampton, it would not be fair to leave mods out of the discussion.

So, what exactly does your mod have to do with the choice of the tank. A LOT, actually. Because not all tanks are made to be used with every type of mod. Most of them will fit together fine, but there are some problems that you need to understand. The most common problem is the size difference between your mod and the tank. If you have a small mod and pick a big tank, it will overpower and crack your tank. Another thing with tanks is the coil’s capacity. Make sure you buy the right tank with the coil that can bear the wattage of your mod.

Without wasting any more time, let’s quickly jump to the list of top 5 tanks available in Brampton.

FreeMax Fire Luke Mesh Tank

Although this one is not very big, it will definitely grab your attention with its beautiful mesh coil head. FreeMax Fire Luke comes in a variety of sparkling colours and provides its user with an excellent sub-ohm vaping experience. It has a 3 mL juice capacity and comes with a bottom airflow system like many other contemporary tanks.

Horizon Tech Falcon King

Are you still thinking about the 3 mL juice capacity in the previous one? Yeah, that is sometimes an issue with most vapors. Therefore we have listed this excellent Horizon Tech Falcon King tank. It has double the capacity of FreeMax and almost four times the variety of brilliant exteriors. This one also features a mesh coil, which gives it an exquisite look. Also, you get to experience the fun of resin drip tip with this tank.

Smok Resa Prince Tank

Are you ready for something unique? Here it is – the Smok Resa Prince Tank. It has a very distinct look with beautiful and diverse honeycomb designs. It is a great choice for sub-ohm vaping and has a whopping 7.5 mL juice capacity so that you can hit your supercharged clouds. It is very durable with high-temperature resistance and can also be extended with a bulb glass extension.

Smok TVF8 Big Baby Tank

This one is a mid-ranger in juice capacity with 5 mL volume. But once you see this tank for real, it is hard to move on to others. As they say, beauty is in simplicity, and this tank practically makes this statement true. So simple in design yet so beautiful. Full stainless-steel construction and high-grade reinforced glass make the SmokTVF8 Big Baby Tank one of the hottest in the market.

Aspire Cleito 120 Tank

Another mid-ranger with 4 mL juice capacity – the Aspire Cleito 120 tank is yet another piece of art. Neat design, chrome accents, and super hard Pyrex glass are some of this tank’s highlights. This one is optimized for high wattage vaping because of having larger coil wick holes. It also has a wide bore drip tip, top fill system, and you can adjust the airflow according to your preferred setting.


So, what do you think? Which one do you want to go for? Have any more questions about tanks? Let us know here. Also, tell us if we’ve missed any tanks that you think should be on this list. We will do our research and add them here.