The Best Vape Pod System in Brampton


If you are looking for the best vape pod systems in Brampton, you are in the right place. Majestic vapes bring you the latest news and trends in the vaping culture. We tell you everything there is to know about the hottest vape pod system out there, which pod systems are reliable, and which option will suit you the best, among others. There has been a rapid evolution in the world of vaping, from the composite box mods and kits to the smallest and lightest vaping devices. The latest trend in the vaping industry is the disposable vaping system. When you are done with your nicotine satisfaction, you just throw it away (but make sure you dispose of it properly and don’t litter).

Let’s have a look at some of the best vape pod systems that we have in Brampton.

1. RELX Infinity

Here is your 2020’s Red Dot Award-winning device. The infinity device by RELX is a marvel of design and has all the essential parts combined in the most sophisticated manner. The very fact that this device was presented with the best design award makes it quite reliable. Also, you can flex with this in your pocket when you are with your vaper friends. Some technical details of this device are as follows:

  • Leak-resistant maze
  • Dual charging system
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece design
  • Symmetrical pods
  • Slim-fit charging case
  • SmartPace Vibrate aler

Long time vapers will understand all the above specs well and know how these features make a vape pod device the best. The best feature is that you get all the amazing fruity and cool flavours such as Fresh red, dark sparkle, rich tobacco, tangy purple, etc. Some other popular vape pod devices by RELX are RELX essential, RELX Pod pro, and the Classic starter kit that is ideal for those who are planning to quit cigarettes.

2. STLTH Pod Pack

STLTH pod packs are classic and take a simple design approach to provide the same great satisfaction of the traditional cigarettes. You can find a variety of pod devices and disposable vape pens. Lightweight, sleek, simple, and easy to use vape devices are their specialty. After the ease of use, we move forward to the taste and nicotine satisfaction. Yes, you get your full nicotine dose with STLTH salt nic flavours, including the fruity flavours Peach, Banana ice, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Mango. They also have some unique flavours that take the smoothness of concentrated nicotine to another level, such as Honeydew menthol, Tobacco blend, and Frost. For those who like classic and straightforward, STLTH also presents its flavourless pod.

3. SMOK Nord

The very famous SMOK Nord device is a pioneer in vape pod systems. This device comes in a variety of chrome designs with cobra texture as its signature. As you hold the device in your hand, you will understand why everyone keeps talking about their sleek and enjoyable feel. These devices have a distinctive feature that makes them your long-term vaping partner. That feature is the replaceable coil. Whether your coil is broken or you are an enthusiast and want to play with some customized coils, SMOK Nord devices are the perfect choice for your experiments. Also, these devices are ideal for sub-ohm vaping and come with a zero resistance feature as well.

The Take-away

Search for vape pod systems, and you will be bombarded with choices. You will have a choice of colours, build quality, flavours, battery size, daily usage, and other factors. Just make sure that you research the device properly before buying it. Or, you can just choose one of the devices that we have laid out for you. want to find out more? Just send us a message and ask us anything that you want.