Komodo V Mod 2


The V-Mod 2 by Komodo is a palm-sized, ergonomically-designed adjustable voltage concentrate cartridge battery featuring an improved LED indicator system, 3 power levels, and long-lasting 900mAh cell.

Using the included magnetic adapter ring, your cartridges snap in securely and connect to the V-Mod II Battery effortlessly.
Before selecting your power level, you will first need to unlock the device by tapping the uniquely shaped power button 5 times quickly.
The V-Mod 2 comes equipped with 3 preset voltage levels (2.6V, 3.3V, 4.0V) to help guarantee top results with every session, regardless of cartridge type used.

Once your cartridge is attached and power level selected, press and hold the button to begin the heating cycle for up to 12 seconds per cycle. The Komodo V-Mod II is also equipped with a standard preheat mode that can improve performance with thicker concentrates and/or in cold environments. Start the preheat cycle by pressing the power button twice and the V-Mod II will glow red and begin gently heat your atomizer for up to 15 seconds. To exit preheat mode any time within the 15 second cycle, just tap the power button once.

The Komodo V-Mod 2 is  a STAFF PICK and in investment to enjoy your entire collection of concentrate cartridges using one powerful device. Works best with the Liberty X5 1ml & Liberty v11 1ml 510 vape cartridge!

  • New and Improved V-Mod Oil Vaporizer
  • Genuine Komodo Brand Product Guaranteed
  • Discreet and Portable Size
  • Dimensions: 52mm x 50mm x 16mm
  • Device Weight: 1.9 ounces
  • Highly Compatible 510 Thread Port (Max 11.5mm)
  • Innovative Magnetic Ring Adapter Connection
  • Convenient Side Atomizer Viewing Window
  • Long-lasting 900mAh Lithium-ion Cell
  • Powerful Adjustable Voltage Output: 3 Settings (2.6V-4.0V)
  • Cutting-edge 15 Second Preheat Power Mode
  • User-Friendly Battery Life Indicator Displays via Button LED
  • Red 1-30%, Blue 30-70%, Green 70-100%
  • Micro-USB Charging with Passthrough
  • Easy to Use One Button Operation with LED Indicator
  • Press Button 5 Times in 2 Seconds to Power On/Off
  • Press Button 3 Times to Change Voltage (H 4.0V, M 3.3V, L 2.6V)
  • Press Button 2 Time to Start Preheat Mode Cycle
  • Press/Hold Button to Heat for Up to 12s
  • Purchase in 6 Sleek Color Options
  • 1 x V-Mod 2 Vape
  • 1 x Magnetic Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

Compatible With:

Ispire Ducore Cartridge

Ispire Ceramic Dual Core Cartridge

Warranty: 14 days from purchase.