Aerospaced 2 Piece Grinder Large (2.5″)


Delivering a finely-shredded, dense material consistency with maximized surface area, this two-piece grinder is precision-engineered for a seamless, intuitive experience.

Razor Sharp Teeth

CNC’d from a solid aluminum block to a sharp diamond shape, an Aerospaced grinder’s teeth shred material to a fine finish while ensuring maximum durability.

Unmatched Quality

With a precision-balanced head and strong neodymium magnets, Aerospaced grinders glide through your material with a fluid, easy turning motion.

Optimized Threading

Optimized double-lead threading dramatically improves ease-of-use, allowing for quick chamber access.

Aircraft Alluminum

Our grinders are milled from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for a handsome, distinct finish.