Allo Sync Pods (STLTH)

ALLO SYNC Pods are designed to revolutionize your vaping journey, offering a seamless blend of convenience, flavor, and quality. With a commitment to satisfying the diverse preferences of the vaping community, ALLO has crafted these pods to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience. Each pod pack comes with 3 x 2ml pods, ensuring you have enough to keep you satisfied wherever you go.

Product Highlights:

S-Compatible: ALLO SYNC Pods are versatile and compatible with STLTH devices, offering you flexibility and a wide range of flavor options.

Leak & Spit Back Resistant: Engineered with precision, these pods minimize common vaping annoyances such as leaks and spit back, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Over 40 Incredible Flavours: From classic favorites to exotic blends, ALLO SYNC Pods offer a rich spectrum of flavors to cater to every taste. Indulge in the refreshing “Watermelon Ice,” the sweet “Strawberry Banana,” or the invigorating “Spearmint” among many others.

Optimal Nicotine Strength: Each pod is available in a 20mg/mL nicotine strength, catering to both satisfaction and preference.

Available Flavours:

ALLO SYNC Pods bring you an extensive variety of flavors, ensuring there’s something for everyone:

Fruit Varieties: Enjoy a wide range of fruity flavors like “Blue Raspberry Peach,” “Pineapple Citrus,” and “Lychee Watermelon Strawberry.”

Refreshing Ices: Cool down with “Grape Ice,” “Peach Ice,” and “Melon Ice.”

Exotic Mixes: Explore unique combinations such as “Orange Mango Guava” and “Mango Peach Orange.”

Classic and Creamy: Savor the rich “Classic Tobacco” and the smooth “Cappuccino.”

Why Choose ALLO SYNC Pods?

ALLO SYNC Pods are more than just a vaping product; they are a testament to ALLO’s dedication to quality, variety, and user satisfaction. The leak and spit back resistant design ensure a hassle-free vaping experience, while the wide array of flavors promises to keep your taste buds excited. Compatible with STLTH devices, these pods offer versatility and convenience, making them an excellent choice for both new and experienced vapers.

Elevate your vaping experience with ALLO SYNC Pods and explore a world where flavor meets innovation. Dive into the diverse world of ALLO SYNC Pods and find your perfect flavor today!