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Bully Coil Builder Fused Claptom 0.20 (6 Wraps)



Fused Clapton are versatile little coils that are effective for newcomers to the rebuildable world. Responsive and tasty, they will be perfect for lovers of new experiences in transition. Highly respected in the industry, they are among the first types of Coil that were innovated on the market. Despite their age, they remain at the top of the list of types of coils which provide an exceptional flavor!


The Fused Clapton come in pairs in the packaging

The Fused Clapton 0.20 Ω have a diameter of 3.0 mm and 6 Wraps

The Coils are all carefully handcrafted

The Coils are cleaned in a Ultrasonic Cleaner before being put in a 30ml Chubby Gorilla bottle, Signature of Bully Coilbuilder

Made only with high quality Swedish Nichrome

Bully Coilbuilder recommends that this product be used by beginners and advanced users

Recommended Wattage Range : 40 to 100 Watts

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